Attention Prospective Students!

If you are interested in doing graduate studies on ATLAS analysis or detector upgrade development, and would like to be based at TRIUMF, please contact Isabel Trigger for more information.

TRIUMF-ATLAS Group Responsibilities and Activities:

TRIUMF-ATLAS Group Members

TRIUMF-based physics and detector group:

  • Anadi Canepa
  • Dominique Fortin
  • Leonid Kurchaninov
  • Ian Nugent
  • Chris Oram
  • Oliver Stelzer-Chilton
  • Reda Tafirout
  • Isabel Trigger

Other members of ATLAS Canada supported in full or part by TRIUMF, but not formal members of the TRIUMF ATLAS group:

  • Georges Azuelos (Montreal)
  • Doug Gingrich (Alberta)
  • Gerald Oakham (Carleton)
  • Pierre Savard (Toronto)
  • Mike Vetterli (SFU, but frequently at TRIUMF)

Long-term visitors:

  • Dave Axen (UBC)
  • Rob McPherson (Victoria/IPP)

CERN resident :

  • Sergey Chekulaev

Victoria resident :

  • Roy Langstaff